• Prepare several different looks to vary your style. Change up your dress level.   Outfits that you especially like or look best in and that follow the suggestions below.
  • COLORS…Wear colors that compliment your complexion, eyes and hair color. If you have blue eyes, wearing something blue can make your eyes “pop” and enhance their color and your images.
  • BODY TYPE…When looking for style inspiration, look to people with a similar body type as you (athletic, slim, pear. hourglass, etc.) See what works well on them and what doesn’t. Hardly anyone has the shape of a mannequin or a model, so don’t expect the clothes that work well on them to look the same on you, so, choose clothing that flatters you. Choose clothing to bring with you that will work with your appearance, shape, location and props; Also, pay close attention to short skirts and low cut tops. We shoot with a variety of angles, so please make sure you are adequately covered.
  • Long sleeved earth-tone sweater or blouse: Crop top; Dark sweatshirt; Solid-colored dress; Flowered dress; Sun dress; Dark jeans; Shorts; Swimsuit; Layered outfits; Leather jacket; Denim jacket; Winter coats; Clothing with torn holes; Hat; Jewelry; Flannel shirt; Sports uniforms (or your boyfriend’s). Prepare outfits that make you comfortable, from dressy to casual to funky:  Maybe put together fun outfits that are incongruous. Wear some outfits that are current and fun. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the best outfits for your session.
  • WHAT NOT TO WEAR… DIAL it down… Bold stripes and large patterns tend to stand out and take away from the most important part of the photograph “YOUR FACE”! White jeans, or tight skirts (adds weight to thighs); contrasts like a light top and a dark skirt, a white shirt under a sweater, or white undershirts.

****Be aware of problems with undergarments, such as bra straps showing****

Any retouching to correct these problems (extra $25 per pose).


  • MAKE-UP: I must admit professional make-up adds a real WOW to your images.  Not heavy, but natural looking. If you are not a make-up person, a little powder will eliminate any glow and a little liner and mascara will enhance your eyes, clump free for those close up shots. Lip-gloss is great.       Even if you do not wear lipstick, wear lip-gloss for soft looking lips. Please bring a compact to check your make-up during the session.
  • NAILS: If you wear nail polish make sure there aren’t any chips. A fresh coat of polish looks good. If you do not wear polish, make sure your nails are clean, as your hands will be featured in the various poses.
  • HAIR: Bring a brush or comb, so you can change it up during your session. Bring any hair accessories you will need for hairstyle changes. Clean hair is best. Don’t use a lot of hair spray, mousse or gel. They make the hair look stiff and oily in photographs.
  • BIG BLING: Often the jewelry makes the image, especially if you are wearing a piece with sentimental value.
  • SUNGLASSES: an absolute must!
  • FASHION IDEAS… Cut out poses/or copy to your smart phone, concept ideas from fashion music, or sports magazines. Get ideas from the internet that you particularly like.

Of course, bring pictures that you think will work for YOUR appearance, shape, location and props.

  • PROPS: Can help to show your personality and record the types of activities you are involved in. They serve as a pictorial definition of who YOU are. Some popular choices are: sporting equipment, musical instruments, posters, awards, favorite books, class rings, cards, skateboards, uniforms, hats, scarves, pets (but also bring someone to take care of them) cars, hobby items, use your imagination!


Please go over your clothing choices with your parents and bring at least one outfit they would particularly like to see you wearing in a portrait.