• Prepare several different looks to vary your style. Change up your dress level Outfits that you especially like or look best in and that go along with the suggestions below.
  • WEAR…Solid, medium-toned sweaters; Plain t-shirts; Long sleeved dark shirts; Flannel or small print shirts; Jeans; Leather or denim jacket; Clothing with ripped holes; Sport coats; Sports uniforms; Letterman jacket; Hats.
  • The possibilities are unlimited. Also, something your parents would like. Prepare outfits that make you comfortable from dressy to casual to funky: Maybe put together fun outfits that are incongruous. Choose clothing to bring with you that will work with your appearance, ideas, location and props; we will be happy to assist you in selecting the best outfits for your session.
  • WHAT NOT TO WEAR:       Big stripes or busy patterns; White jeans, or white undershirts.
  • NAILS: Make sure your nails are clean, as your hands will be featured in the various poses.
  • HAIR: Hair should be clean. Bring a brush or comb.
  • Don’t get your hair cut right before your session. Give it a week or so to get to a normal length, unless you shave your head or wear a buzz cut.
  • FASHION IDEAS: Cut out poses/ or copy onto your smart phone, concept ideas from music, fashion or sports magazines. Get ideas from the internet.
  • Of course, clip ideas that you think will work for your appearance, shape, location and props.
  • SUNGLASSES: An absolute must!
  • PROPS: Bring props that help define YOU.
    • i.e.: your car, sports uniform, sports equipment, musical instrument, hats, scarves, coats, sun glasses, skateboards, surfboards, hobby items, pets, etc…

Please go over your clothing choices with your parents and bring at least one they would particularly like to see you wearing in a portrait.